Zno thin film thesis

This one-day course is designed to overview materials and processes typically used in vacuum technology, including equipment and processes used for basic vacuum Leak Detection. Although the content of the course is most optimally presented if the course is preceded by appropriate content from other courses, such as Fundamentals of Vacuum Technology, Vacuum Gauges, and Vacuum Pumps, it can often be customized to provide necessary framework/background for the concepts and discussion presented. The course is typically divided into Vacuum Hardware in the morning, and Vacuum Leak Detection in the afternoon, separated by a time for lunch.

Professor Chen is well-known and respected internationally for his work in nanomaterials and nanotechnology.  His invention of a ball-milling and annealing method for the mass production of nanotubes and nanowires has made a significant impact on the emerging nanotube industry.  The team he has put together is a world leader in nanomaterials production and commercialisation.  His current research is focused on  developing different synthetic methods (ball milling and annealing method, chemical/physical vapour deposition, and mechanical alloying) and new applications (energy storage in batteries, capacitors, solar cells and drug delivery) for a variety of nanomaterials including nanotubes (C and BN), nanosheets, nanowires, nanorods, nanoparticles, and nano thin films(graphene). Professor Chen is the Director of the Deakin node of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Functional Nanomaterials.

Zno thin film thesis

zno thin film thesis


zno thin film thesiszno thin film thesiszno thin film thesiszno thin film thesis