Writing style essays

Just as important is the consideration of the intended audience. Who will be reading the piece? What is their general reading level? Knowing and anticipating the characteristics of readers – catering to readers – certainly goes a long way in helping a writer find the most appropriate and most "readable" writing style or voice of a composition. In a press release, therefore, it might do one well to use industry terms and cite industry authorities. In a poem or drama, literary techniques and devices like alliteration, metric patterns, and figures of speech may be utilized. In a political speech, one may use the first-person point of view or even the second-person point of view (with words like "you" and "we") to establish opinion leadership and authority, while pinching the audience's nerves of inspiration. Thinking carefully about who will read or listen to the written work can filter the best options for one's writing style.

Writing style essays

writing style essays


writing style essayswriting style essayswriting style essayswriting style essays