World food problems essay

Hi Liz,
Thanks a lot for your fruitful lessons.
I made four mistakes
instead of food security I wrote fuel security
exacerbated ( I didn’t hear it well because it a new word for me)
abundant ( I heard it abandoned)
aquatic creatures ( I didn’t concentrate)
I have two notes:
1- The first answer in Deforestation should be biodiversity instead of ecosystem
2- In climate change answer 4 (sea level)shouldn’t be included because there was no question for that.
Many thanks for you

Homo sapiens actually ARE primates. However, we are part of the Great Ape classification of primates, all of which consume meat to meet their nutritional requirements at least occasionally. In addition, eating meat, especially cooking meat is an element of what helped us evolve into larger-brained mammals, not just because of amino acids, which can be found in other foods, but because of the reduction of energy expense devoted to the gut and redirected to the brain, as cooked food is much easier to digest. So while there are a couple inaccuracies in your argument, I agree with your main point. Our bodies are engineered to process meat.

Participation of women who constitute 50% of our total population in politics and public life is very much negligible in India. We find only a negligible number of women in prestigious positions like those of Central and State cabinet ministers, governors, secretaries and legal advisers to the governments, ambassadors to other countries, IPS, IAS, IFS officers, judges in courts, mayors of big cities, office bearers of all-India parties, etc. No political party of India has given position to women in accordance with their number in the total population. In some areas seats are reserved for women as we find in Gram Panchayat, Jilla Panchayat, University Senate, etc. Even in these areas women have not constituted themselves into a “pressure group “. Hence in our political life, we have caste lobbies, linguistic lobbies, capitalist lobbies, minority lobby, etc. but we do not have “-women lobby ” to bring pressure on the government.

World food problems essay

world food problems essay


world food problems essayworld food problems essayworld food problems essayworld food problems essay