What does related coursework mean

“Vacatur would revoke the certificates of public convenience and necessity for these pipelines – pipelines that are currently providing natural gas to power plants in Florida,” FERC attorneys wrote in their rehearing request. “Without such certificates, the pipelines would have to cease operating, at least temporarily. That outcome risks significant disruption to natural gas and electricity service to Florida consumers.” FERC issued a 5-page draft supplemental environmental impact statement on Sept. 27 to start compliance with the court order, and has asked for comments through Nov. 20. The court could respond in the next few weeks.

  Please note, this content may be outdated. Visit Study in the States' Students , Schools and Blog pages for more timely information on this topic. What Does STEM Stand for? September 30, 2011 Please note: On May 10, 2016, DHS replaced the 17-month STEM OPT extension with a new 24-month STEM OPT extension. All existing 17-month STEM OPT EADs will remain valid until the EAD expires, is terminated or revoked. For more information about the new STEM OPT rule, please visit the STEM OPT Hub . 

What does related coursework mean

what does related coursework mean


what does related coursework meanwhat does related coursework meanwhat does related coursework meanwhat does related coursework mean