Walmart conclusion essay

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To better its customer service practices, Wal-Mart additionally needs to establish practices that help it recruit best talent and retain such talent within the organization. This is possible when the organization improves its job qualities then develops objective-based recruitment methods that allow it attract individuals who are qualified for the job. With regard to retaining talent, aspects such as empowering employees to make certain decisions on their own, rewarding those who promote customer service initiatives and rewarding innovative ideas that would better the entity’s customer service, could help motivate the employees to offer better customer service. Additionally, various non-monetary rewards (paid holidays) may also be linked to customer satisfaction, in which way, they would serve to reinforce the primary intention of the customer service initiatives established. Through such approaches Wal-Mart can effectuate its customer service thus create an additional competitive advantage besides its pricing strategy. Effective customer service would, for instance, enhance customer experience, which would lead to improved customer satisfaction with the entity’s products. Eventually, this results in enhanced customer loyalty, which dissuades customers from switching to competitors.

Walmart conclusion essay

walmart conclusion essay


walmart conclusion essaywalmart conclusion essaywalmart conclusion essaywalmart conclusion essay