Think before speaking essay

Romney: He’s bored to tears. [ Audience laughs .] I saw Dr. Kissinger; I said to him, “How are we perceived around the world?” And he said, “One word: VEAK!” [ Audience laughs. ] We are weak, and that’s how this president is perceived, by our friends and, unfortunately, by our foes. And it’s no wonder that people like Kim Jong Un, the new leader of North Korea, announces a long-range missile test only a week after he said he wouldn’t. Because, it’s like, what’s this president going to do about it? If you can’t act, why, don’t threaten. [ To another audience member with a question ] Please.

Just referred to this article to complete an essay!
In my essay, we were required to analyze an article and point out where and how the author uses all of the different appeals. It was kinda tricky because I had a news article, and in news articles, the authors “try” to publish “unbiased” pieces, but of course there’s always some bias in their writings to give their newspublisher some leverage.
So for me, finding pathos arguments in the news article was pretty tricky. The author mainly relied on ethos and some logos to prove his claims, but thanks to the stuff you posted about pathos, I was able to find one pathos appeal in his article (seriously, there was only one!). Thanks so much for this post!

Donald Trump, Jr.: You know-- we-- we know him pretty well. And we've got to, you know, be by his side for many years, both as a father and in business. So, you know-- the tenacity that he's always shown-- was just there. But it was just so much more. When I was watching him working 20-hour days, doing seven major speeches to tens of thousands of people and just saying, "Well, it wasn't triage. Which state are we gonna do today," it's, "We're just gonna do 'em all. We're gonna speak to all of these people." And I think people saw that energy. They fed off that energy. That energy was so much of the movement-- that he was able to create. And, you know-- it-- it only furthered what I already knew.

Think before speaking essay

think before speaking essay


think before speaking essaythink before speaking essaythink before speaking essaythink before speaking essay