Sleepy hollow essay topics

I don’t mean to knock Mad Men , or Boardwalk Empire , or even The Newsroom —all of which I either watch or have watched faithfully. If anything, I worry sometimes that some daring and ambitious shows get held to too high a standard, and get dinged unnecessarily because, deep down, people are eager to find excuses not to have to watch something that takes concentration, and that could well be a bummer. (I don’t exclude myself from this. There are plenty of prestige shows that I’ve never started watching, and I always feel a shameful sense of satisfaction when I hear that they’ve lost their critical cred.)

“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” thought to have a source in a German folktale, tells the story of Ichabod Crane , a greedy and naïve schoolmaster from Connecticut who tries to win the hand of the flirtatious and very wealthy Katrina Van Tassel . Brom Bones, a neighborhood hero, is also in love with Katrina, and he has a tendency to play pranks on others, which will come to haunt Ichabod soon enough. Ichabod is especially fascinated by ghost stories and witches, and Sleepy Hollow is known for its supernatural activity--especially its infamous ghost, the Headless Horseman.

Sleepy hollow essay topics

sleepy hollow essay topics


sleepy hollow essay topicssleepy hollow essay topicssleepy hollow essay topicssleepy hollow essay topics