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A fantastic formula and road map Dean, if one’s intent is to force even more blight on the culture while scraping the bottom of the barrel in craft, style and most assuredly real persuasive effectiveness. Screaming 50% off doesn’t require a copywriter or even a writer, just someone willing to accept the erroneous belief that this complete lack of skill and ability is somehow doing the job. It isn’t. It is however why people dislike advertising, are often offended by advertising and most often turn the channel.
Be honest with your audience Dean, you couldn’t get a job in the mail room of an agency where people know what they are doing. As being a benefit for beginners, that is only true if one is beginning to be the absolute worst in his or her imagined advertising career. This is not how it works, it is only how real amateurs might go about doing it. You should be ashamed for presenting it as otherwise.

Script writing jobs

script writing jobs


script writing jobsscript writing jobsscript writing jobsscript writing jobs