Racism in a raisin in the sun essay

The family is entirely dependent on the money: they already have made plans to move, and are in the midst of packing up their things. Devastated, Walter seriously considers taking an offer from Mr. Lindner, a representative from the white neighborhood, that would pay the Youngers extra not to move into their neighborhood. The option is immoral in the family's eyes, and prioritizes money over human dignity. Walter is determined to make the deal despite his scruples, but at the last moment Walter is unable to make the transaction under the innocent gaze of his son, Travis. In the end, the family decides to move. Even though the road ahead will be difficult, they know that they have made an honorable choice.

KC Rep: debut. International: Macbeth, All My Sons, Aeneid (Stratford Shakespeare Festival). Regional: Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Comedy of Errors (Short Shakespeare!, Chicago Shakespeare Theater); Favorite roles as Milwaukee Rep’s resident company member for five years: Eurydice, The Glass Menagerie, Gem of the Ocean, King Lear, …Young Lady From Rwanda, The Crucible; Goodman Theatre, Lookingglass Theatre, Backroom Shakespeare, Outside the Wire, American Repertory Theatre, Indiana Repertory Theater, Shakespeare Santa Cruz, Book-It Repertory Theater, Seattle Repertory Theatre. TV & Film: “Chicago Fire”, Goodman Theatre’s Stop. Reset., Discovery World. Awards: Chicago Fellow for Stradford Shakespeare Festival, 2016. Education: MFA, ART/MXAT at Harvard University; BFA, Cornish College of the Arts, certificate from BADA in Oxford, England. Upcoming: King Liz (title role, Windy City Playhouse) and Macbeth (HD summer 2017 release, Stratford Shakespeare Festival). @lantoines AEA Member

The play is filled with all kinds of great dialogue.  It reminds me much of The Glass Menagerie in that the ending is so devoid of hope.  The money is lost, Beneatha may not be able to go to school, and the house that was purchased will not be paid in full and all the members of the family will have to work to keep up with the mortgage.  Ruth has a second baby on the way, and there is also the threat of racial persecution considering that they are moving into an all-white neighbourhood who has made it clear that they are not welcome.  Though Walter makes a moral stand at the end of the play, it seems like a hollow gesture that is not in tune with the reality of the situation.  The work though is great.  Again, it is the Beneatha character that propels the play.  Lena is well intentioned, but misguided.  Ruth puts on a strong front, but when alone succumbs to the will of her husband.  Travis is a peripheral character at best and George is everything that is wrong with a capitalist patriarchy.  Asagai is the only other character that helps to develop the positive and constructive ideas and challenges Beneatha while giving her the platform to demonstrate that she is equal to her male counterpart.  Though the other characters are flawed, that does not imply that they offer nothing.  They help to demonstrate flaws in thinking and allow Beneatha to articulate her beliefs.  The characters work in concert, most especially when in opposition to each other, and Hansberry crafted a great play with depth and thought provoking ideas.  It is a shame she didn’t live long enough to give us more such works.

Racism in a raisin in the sun essay

racism in a raisin in the sun essay


racism in a raisin in the sun essayracism in a raisin in the sun essayracism in a raisin in the sun essayracism in a raisin in the sun essay