Questbridge essay topics

Questbridge Scholarship
Amount: Full-Tuition | Application Deadline: September
QuestBridge is a non-profit program that links high-achieving low-income students with educational and scholarship opportunities at leading . colleges and universities. Focused on first-generation students and individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, the scholarship program not only funds a student’s full four-years in college, but also provides career and peer networking opportunities across its partner schools. The Scholarship program also provides a college prep scholarship for high school juniors interested in attending summer programs at the nation’s top universities. Learn more here .

The second issue is that the international pool is not as strong as it is constantly made out to be. Many of these students are not informed about how competitive US colleges are, so you get a lot of weak applicants applying when they have no chance of getting in. This is backed by the statistics of need-blind for international students schools like MIT and Amherst: the international acceptance rate is a third of the domestic one, even though these colleges have made assurances to not let ability to pay influence the likelihood of getting in. Many colleges (Williams, Wesleyan, Swarthmore) report a similar pattern: an international acceptance rate 1/4-1/2 that of domestic students.

Questbridge essay topics

questbridge essay topics


questbridge essay topicsquestbridge essay topicsquestbridge essay topicsquestbridge essay topics