Prolife and prochoice essays

Things happen in people's lives for many different reasons! Music helps me through many of them. Being laid off hasn't helped me out with anything in life, my profession has had a bad year and money has been really tight! Sounds like our spring will be real busy though. Bills piling up, threats of foreclosure on the house and doing what I can (if possible to) stop that! The reason I talk about this kind of stuff that is personal is because I believe something will happen to change my current situation and music movies me to believe that! Just got done listening to"Only God Knows Why", I absolutely love that song and I'll listen to it when I am down as a pick me up. Your music is all over the place and that is one reason I will always be a fan. I write as well, never played an instrument, have a guitar hoping to learn to put music to the songs I've wrote! Don't know if this is the right spot to write this, but hope it gets back to you. You're going to be performing up our way (don't know if I'll be able to afford to go though) . Music is inspiration, inspiration is what dreams are made of! Oh yeah Wefest is the event that you are going to be at! Hope to see you there. Keep doing what you are doing for music and don't change it!

Albert Camus' idea of morality in 'The Stranger' is completely unconventional and this can be seen through the protagonist who is a total embarrassment to the society in which he finds himself. This disparity between what is expected of Meursault and what he displays forms the basis of Albert Camus' philosophy of morality. There is a big question mark on conventional morality which the author finds to be absurd. He seems to be questioning the fabric of societal morality on grounds of motivation; are some of those values upheld merely for con... Read more →

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Prolife and prochoice essays

prolife and prochoice essays


prolife and prochoice essaysprolife and prochoice essaysprolife and prochoice essaysprolife and prochoice essays