Post graduate program

The two year Post Graduate Diploma Program in Human Resource Management is designed to develop, improve and hone your people management skills. Over four semesters, the course material and weekend lectures provide guidance to understand the core entities of management and develop people into proficient resources. The program will develop your general management skills in the first year and help in learning about human resource practices in the second year. Through the course modules, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of talent training and recruiting, retention, industrial relations, organizational skills and their practical application in a corporate environment. HR managers are required to work in any and every industry to manage human resource functions so this program offers plenty of work opportunities in the future.

Accreditation of clinical postgraduate programs is voluntary; it is one method of external validation and assessment of quality. The additional specialty education and training obtained by participation in formal postgraduate PA programs or residencies is not required for successful physician-PA teams to provide specialty medical and/or surgical care. The ARC-PA understands that the accreditation process, as it currently exists, is labor and resource intensive for programs and may not be the first priority for the program’s sponsoring institution. Due to other responsibilities in patient care and workload, program directors may not be able to devote 100 percent of their time and ability to the development and maintenance of a successful program.

Post graduate program

post graduate program


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