Orientalism research paper topics

Said launched ad hominem attacks on major intellectual figures with whose views about the Middle East he disagreed. To Said, Paul Johnson, the renowned British writer, was a "retrograde social and political polemist" while Daniel Pipes, founder of the Middle East Forum and publisher of the Middle East Quarterly , was a "Neanderthal." Bernard Lewis, the eminent Princeton historian who challenged Said's Orientalism [36] in the New York Review of Books , [37] was guilty of "distorting truth" and had an "extraordinary capacity for getting nearly everything wrong." [38] Said concluded that the polyglot historian "knows nothing" about the Arab world. Harvard political scientist Samuel Huntington, author of the influential Clash of Civilizations , [39] Said wrote, "knows nothing about civilization, he knows nothing about history." [40] Said wrote with similar vitriol toward social anthropologist Ernest Gellner and Middle East historian Elie Kedourie.

The Orientalism on “Twin Peaks” was far more pronounced when the show first aired in the 1990s. Although Agent Cooper was a white man teaching Eastern philosophy to solve crimes and Josie Packard (Joan Chen) fulfilled the stereotype of the Asian seductress, the worst affront came in Season 2. Josie’s sister-in-law Catherine Martell for some reason appeared in yellowface for several episodes as a businessman named Mr. Tojamura who sported a samurai hairstyle, spoke in a stereotypical accent and even invoked the bombing of Nagasaki in a conversation. Take a look at that trainwreck below:

Orientalism research paper topics

orientalism research paper topics


orientalism research paper topicsorientalism research paper topicsorientalism research paper topicsorientalism research paper topics