Little cloud character foil essay

Common Issues with K-W-L

  • "My students don't have background knowledge! 
    The reason to do the K column of the K-W-L is to have students bring to mind something they already know, as a hook to which new information can be attached. Some people who use K-W-L complain that their students either don't know anything or what they know is wrong. That's a great sign that the students have been asked not about what they know, but about what they don't know. Please "know" this: ALL students have background or prior knowledge. As teachers, we have to know our content well enough that we know how it's like something that would be familiar to our students. That should determine what we ask in the K column. It may OR MAY NOT be the topic.
  • "I ask what they want to know, and they think of a zillion things!"
    Especially with younger elementary children, they'll suggest all kinds of questions for what they want to know. And with older kids, maybe they say, "Nothing!" That's why I like Pat Widdowson's suggestion: Use the W to ask what they think they WILL learn. Then, it's predictive, which is what good readers are anyway.

The anonymity of the boy is suggestive of the overall theme of the story, the insignificance of the individual in the larger society. The boy is unnamed because as the story demonstrates in any number of ways, he is unimportant. He lives with relatives who are not his parents which suggests a problem; it is likely the parents have made the crossing and are not yet established to bring the child over, though another possibility is that they have died as a result of the harshness of Irish life. Other suggestions of insignificance include the i... Read more →

Little cloud character foil essay

little cloud character foil essay


little cloud character foil essaylittle cloud character foil essaylittle cloud character foil essaylittle cloud character foil essay