Irish essays for leaving cert

doing my Leaving cert tomorrow beginning with English and Home Ec. Anyway so maths starts on Friday with Paper 1 I love Paper 1 algebra, complex numbers, and even differentiation but Paper 2 next Monday is gonna be the death of me I hate all this Project Maths baloney it makes no sense at all especially at higher level ain’t gonna like it but you know what I believe I can get at least a C in it I have this one friend who was doing higher up until a week before the end of school and he wanted me to drop with him and I have said many times to him I’m gonna pass this paper and just show like I have said to my Japanese teacher many times that I can pass higher level and if I do I’m gonna rub it in her face.

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Irish essays for leaving cert

irish essays for leaving cert


irish essays for leaving certirish essays for leaving certirish essays for leaving certirish essays for leaving cert