Introductory reflective essay example

Kim searches for the experiments - several of them, scattered - where the victim tried to divert Grey to a different data source. The general idea seemed to be to overload Grey by pointing him at something containing too much information: the internet, or the terabit feed from a live particle accelerator experiment, or a stack of hard drives containing the first few quadrillion binary digits of pi. But nobody could figure out a way to distract Grey's attention; prominently-placed screens full of data, he would ignore; data beamed at him electromagnetically (radio, laser) had no effect. And nobody could figure out a way to tunnel the information in through the victim's mind as extra memories. It was written off as impossible, closed as a line of investigation.

Common practices for introductions often do not engage the reader in the topic or provide enough information about the overall topic of the writing assignment. Students should avoid using first-person or referring directly to the reason they are writing the paper. They should also avoid using a dictionary definition of a key term as the first sentence of the essay or referring to the fact that they are simply presenting a personal opinion. Avoiding a restatement of the original prompt or essay question is also important in crafting the introduction.

Introductory reflective essay example

introductory reflective essay example


introductory reflective essay exampleintroductory reflective essay exampleintroductory reflective essay exampleintroductory reflective essay example