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The number of yearly fatalities has declined again since 1993 and was 4,863 in 2010, which was the lowest level since 1953. In 2010, the number of yearly fatalities (deaths within 24 hours after an accident) . "24-hour fatalities" was 4,863. That of "30-day fatalities" was 5,745. The number of fatal and injury traffic accidents and that of casualties were 725,773 cases and 901,071 persons respectively.
In April 2011, the government has started the Ninth Fundamental Traffic Safety Program and has set the target to reduce yearly "24-hour fatalities" to less than 3,000 by 2015. In the Program, ITARDA is called on by the government to contribute with its databases and studies to fulfill the target.

The danger is that surveillance power becomes ubiquitous: embedded within systems, structures and the interests they represent. Its application becomes taken for granted and its consequences go un-noticed. As data travel silently across international boundaries, between national states and within transnational corporations, the impact of surveillance becomes even harder to identify, regulate and debate. For us, it is important that this power, based on the oversight of activities and of personal data, is wielded fairly, responsibly, and with due respect to human rights, civil liberties and the law. Wielding surveillance power can have very undesirable consequences: world leaders appeal to some supposed greater good such as ‘the war on terror’ to justify unusual surveillance tactics on everyday citizens. Sifting through consumer records to create a profitable clientele means that certain groups obtain special treatment based on ability to pay whereas those deemed ‘less valuable’ fall by the wayside. Surveillance fosters suspicion in those who wield it. It focuses on correcting the negative and it gives a message to those who are watched that they are not trusted to behave in the appropriate manner. If we are living in a society which relies on surveillance to get things done are we committing slow social suicide?

Introduction paragraph history essay

introduction paragraph history essay


introduction paragraph history essayintroduction paragraph history essayintroduction paragraph history essayintroduction paragraph history essay