Importance of literature essay

I think that English Literature offers an auther or poet the chance to convey a palpable message through an intangible scenario. The literature itself has a microcosm of plots and characters but the overall meaning is contained when looking at the text as a whole. I think it is a lot easier to debate or discuss questions of morality and ethics when they are relevant to a peice of literature because, since the events may never have occured in the real world and therefore there is nothing tangible to relate the ideas to, it provides a premise in which to explore the author's thoughts. 

"2. Practicing Transcendental Meditation ... is the procedure to spontaneously enliven the total potential of intelligence in human physiology and train the physiology to function in the most natural way, in the most orderly manner, according to Natural Law — daily experiencing self-referral consciousness in order that the infinite organizing power of one's own Transcendental Consciousness (one's own simplest form of awareness) becomes the guiding light of every thought and action, promoting success in every undertaking and actualizing and spontaneously engaging the infinite organizing power of the Unified Field of Natural Law."

For a 1913 revival at the same theatre the young actors Gerald Ames and A. E. Matthews succeeded the creators as Jack and Algy. [38] John Deverell as Jack and Margaret Scudamore as Lady Bracknell headed the cast in a 1923 production at the Haymarket Theatre . [39] Many revivals in the first decades of the 20th century treated "the present" as the current year. It was not until the 1920s that the case for 1890s costumes was established; as a critic in The Manchester Guardian put it, "Thirty years on, one begins to feel that Wilde should be done in the costume of his period—that his wit today needs the backing of the atmosphere that gave it life and truth. … Wilde's glittering and complex verbal felicities go ill with the shingle and the short skirt." [40]

Importance of literature essay

importance of literature essay


importance of literature essayimportance of literature essayimportance of literature essayimportance of literature essay