Hypnosis research essay

Bob Neill (1929-2006) was one of the earliest hypnotherapists in the UK. His interest in hypnosis began in 1943 when Bob, then aged 14, witnessed a stage hypnotist's act as part of a variety show at the Empire Theatre, Chatham, Kent, UK. The following day, he successfully hypnotised one of his classmates but it wasn't until 1950, during his National Service in the Royal Engineers, that he developed his skill and used hypnotherapy to help others to stop smoking. In the early 1970s, he established his hypnotherapy practice in Maidstone, Kent, UK. Using his own technique, he always expected a successful outcome after one session. In the 1990s, Bob Neill published two books on Practical Hypnotherapy. [18] [19] He continued to practise hypnotherapy, professionally, until his death in 2006. His daughter, Barbara, also a hypnotherapist, is continuing his work using the technique he developed.

Egg-shaped UFOs are of course by no means uncommon. There are dozens of examples on file. The famous Soccoro, New Mexico case (April 24, 1964) springs readily to mind. So too do the Salem, Massachusetts (July 16, 1952), Saigon, Vietnam (April 17, 1967), Levelland, Texas (November 3, 1967), and White Sands, New Mexico (also November 3, 1967) sightings. Space and brevity preclude going into these cases at length. Besides which, it would be to little purpose -- a tenuous connection at best. Far more significant are those cases where the witness seemingly enters what psychologists would term an "altered state of consciousness". Testimonies abound in this respect. For instance: "The room is whitish," abductee Stephen Kilburn recalled under hypnosis in 1978; "it's curved on the inside...I don't think there are any angles in the room. Everything is kind of milky or misty or something. It doesn't shine, but everything has that metallic glow to it." Accounts like this are by no means uncommon, and it is unlikely that all are pure fabrication. But what is the alternative? We seem to be dealing here with something very similar to the process of LAMeditation which, it will be recalled, entails "entering the egg and merging with that which is within." This recognition is important, for it leads us once again to the suspicion that the abduction syndrome may have something in common with what is traditionally called "magic".

Hypnosis research essay

hypnosis research essay


hypnosis research essayhypnosis research essayhypnosis research essayhypnosis research essay