Group project proposal

More often than not, clients don't really know exactly what they need, and their true pain points may not be reflected in the RFP. Take time before responding to understand the client's core business, the primary challenges of its competitors, and who that business's other suppliers and partners may be. Ask yourself what the driving force behind the request may be -- if you can solve a problem rather than just provide a piece of equipment, you will move to the head of the line. Anticipate what the customer wants today and what he is likely to want next year, and plan out different scenarios before writing your proposal.

Workshops at UL and external roadshows – 3 per year Select and train advocates and champions – staff and students Regular throughout project Risk Management RISK Probab-ility (1=low, 5=high) Severity Proximity Score Mitigating Action NTF unable to contribute to project 1 4 Anytime 4 Nurture and harness collective expertise of project team Loss of key staff 2 4 Anytime 8 Spread risk among several key staff. Staff absences 2 1 Anytime 2 Tolerable if responsibilities are spread evenly across a project team. Unsustainable Business Case 1 4 Late stages 4 Work closely with Stakeholders at all times.  Ensure expectations are realistic. Review project objectives in light of changing environment. Lack of stakeholder engagement/loss of support 1 4 Anytime 4 Work closely with stakeholders at all times. Include on Project Management Team. Offer regular opportunities for deliberation. Provide regular examples of  project benefits and progress. Changes in Sector (financial, structural) 3 2 Annually 6 Review in light of project objectives. Incorporate significant structural changes into project objectives. Changes in structure of university 2 3 Annually 6 Realign Project Management and Steering Groups to fit with the new university structures. Changes in external (Government/sector) strategic priorities 2 2 Anytime 4 Review strategic papers and policy documents. Incorporate significant policy changes into project objectives. Summary of Benefits: The core aim of the project is to improve student learning through the applied use of research-engaged teaching and learning and practice-based evidence at an institutional level. The project team will work with other HEIs, the Higher Education Academy and other national bodies and projects to build on existing work aimed at strengthening links between teaching and research. It will extend existing knowledge in this area by developing and applying a strategic approach to institutional change and producing a workable framework for implementation in other universities.

Group project proposal

group project proposal


group project proposalgroup project proposalgroup project proposalgroup project proposal