Ghostwriter ep 18

I like to get into both sexes heads; to explore thoughts, fears, feelings, emotions, etc etc but I prefer to write male/male buddy/friendship pieces (but no slash!). I get tired of reading stories where women are the victims. Not a fan of DID stories (damsel in distress *yawn*). I LOVE TO WRITE "rescue the boy" fics BUT writing one character whump over and over and over is tiring and one note so I try to vary all my tension and danger if possible. And my stance on female OC's is this...I don't like or read them as a love interest or main protagonist BUT if she's a very well rounded, multi-dimensional character who is preferably the baddie you got my attention, but if you are writing a mary-sueish female OC based on yourself opposite the handsome male lead - I will pass, thank you.

In September 2005, . teamed up with his Pimp $quad Click (P$C) cohorts, Big Kuntry King , Mac Boney , C-Rod and AK , to release P$C's debut studio album, 25 to Life . The album, which was preceded by several self-released mixtapes by P$C, peaked at number 10 on the US Billboard 200 chart. The album was supported by the lead single "I'm a King", which was also included on the soundtrack to the film Hustle & Flow , a collection also released by .'s label imprint Grand Hustle, under the aegis of Atlantic Records.

nancy Jun 07 2017 7:20 am I love this drama because of Ko gyung pyo and yoo ah in...... Yoo Jin oh character I like the most....His expressions....cuteness....everything I like it......friendship of both the leads it What hurts the most.....shin yul...shot by su hyeon...she didn't even shed a tear when she came to know she shot yul..In last episode Whenever yoo Jin oh luk at seol his eyes always full of tears..... He love her so in this life will not be forget in next life.....satellite love thru the rain to the stars.......ost of drama best

Ghostwriter ep 18

ghostwriter ep 18


ghostwriter ep 18ghostwriter ep 18ghostwriter ep 18ghostwriter ep 18