For my daughter weldon kees essay

For those familiar with Jehovah's Witnesses, this story is both common and predictable. Notice the outright deception of Dennis Charland, (public affairs director for the Witnesses') who denies this kind of story is true. In fact this kind of story is so common TODAY, that only a liar would try to deny it. But Jehovah's Witnesses are instructed to lie to "unbelievers" to hide the "truth" , so what do you expect Charland to say? We would love Charland to challenge us for libel, so we could bring into court, the huge number of known cases in Canada alone where this has happened.

Looking into my daughter’s eyes I read
Beneath the innocence of morning flesh
Concealed, hintings of death she does not heed.
Coldest of winds have blown this hair, and mesh
Of seaweed snarled these miniatures of hands;
The night’s slow poison, tolerant and bland,
Has moved her blood. Parched years that I have seen
That may be hers appear: foul, lingering
Death in certain war, the slim legs green.
Or, fed on hate, she relishes the sting
Of others’ agony; perhaps the cruel
Bride of a syphilitic or a fool.
These speculations sour in the sun.
I have no daughter. I desire none.

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For my daughter weldon kees essay

for my daughter weldon kees essay


for my daughter weldon kees essayfor my daughter weldon kees essayfor my daughter weldon kees essayfor my daughter weldon kees essay