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This is the third time we've seen a Mad Men character in therapy.
Each one has been a very different representation. Psychoanalysis was the way of the times for the most part; there's a big breakout in different forms of therapy during the sixties, with the human potential movement and that kind of stuff. But yeah, the first one, Betty's therapist, was kind of dull and empty and never spoke, and she felt awkward, and he talked to her husband without letting her know. And then Sally's child therapist was, I thought, great. And then Roger's is just humorous, such a mismatch, but the therapist calls him on how much of a mismatch it is. His frustration is evident.

The script went through many stages. In early 1965, when backing was secured for the film, Clarke and Kubrick still had no firm idea of what would happen to Bowman after the Star Gate sequence. Initially all of Discovery ' s astronauts were to survive the journey; by October 3, Clarke and Kubrick had decided to leave Bowman the sole survivor and have him regress to infancy. By October 17, Kubrick had come up with what Clarke called a "wild idea of slightly fag robots who create a Victorian environment to put our heroes at their ease." [31] HAL 9000 was originally named Athena after the Greek goddess of wisdom and had a feminine voice and persona. [31]

Film analyzes essays

film analyzes essays


film analyzes essaysfilm analyzes essaysfilm analyzes essaysfilm analyzes essays