Essay on realism and idealism

Social gap was another issue in that society. As in the novel, the remnants of feudalism were still alive in Hayslope society. Hetty belonged to the working class and was madly in love with Arthur Donnithorne, who belonged to a feudal class. This held a certain charm for the people of the working class. She wanted to marry him, to be the wife of an honorable feudal man. However, her fantasy was destroyed, as it lead to a tragic end. This left a deep mark on the psyche of Hayslope inhabitants. Hetty’s personal accident suggests the harsh reality of a society that faces two unequal and different classes, as they try to unite due to emotions rather than reason.

A recurring trend in Christian art was "realism" that emphasized the humanity of religious figures, above all Christ and his physical sufferings in his Passion . Following trends in devotional literature , this developed in the Late Middle Ages , where some painted wooden sculptures in particular strayed into the grotesque in portraying Christ covered in wounds and blood, with the intention of stimulating the viewer to meditate on the suffering that Christ had undergone on his behalf. These were especially found in Germany and Central Europe . After abating in the Renaissance, similar works re-appeared in the Baroque , especially in Spanish sculpture.

Essay on realism and idealism

essay on realism and idealism


essay on realism and idealismessay on realism and idealismessay on realism and idealismessay on realism and idealism