Essay on healthy life

What if you have Alzheimer's already?   Will vitamin E help?  In 1997, a large research project found that vitamin E did seem to slow down the decline of Alzheimer's disease.  Called the Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study, the project enrolled people with moderately severe symptoms.  Their average age was seventy-three, and they had had Alzheimer's disease for about five years.  By taking 1000 IU of vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) twice a day, they were able to delay further decline by nearly two years.  "Decline" meant loss of the ability to perform activities of daily living, severe dementia, institutionalization, or death.

Badly-controlled sex life or what’s worse, extra-marital sexual experiences, are the death of marriage. Because inconsideration of your wife’s safety and health, not to mention the transference of social diseases to your children or children-to-be, causes negligence in manners, it will not be long before neither she nor you can have the slightest respect for each other…nor respect for the conventions of marriage. To cause your wife to suffer indignities, crudities of sex, and contraction of syphilis or gonorrhea because of your promiscuous extra-marital sex flights, is a crime as terrible as murder. For murder it frequently is…slow death from disease or a broken-heart.

Essay on healthy life

essay on healthy life


essay on healthy lifeessay on healthy lifeessay on healthy lifeessay on healthy life