Essay mature student

The AU Award for a Mature Undergraduate Student is one of the awards in the AU Student Stand Out Awards Portfolio and the premise is to recognize that all AU students Stand Out! The AU Student Stand Out Awards are a portfolio of awards aimed at recognizing the students’ drive to reach desired educational goals, despite the challenges along the way.

This award is for an undergraduate AU program student that is 40 to 60 years of age beginning university education for the first time. Applicants must be current students beginning their first year of AU post secondary study after April 1st of the previous year and who has successfully completed a minimum of 6 AU credits. The candidate must have an overall AU cumulative GPA of to be eligible.


Several years ago I was disappointed to note that most of the admission officers who weighed in on this topic on the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) listserve, scoffed at such letters, calling them the self-serving ramblings of helicopter moms and dads. Before then, I used to encourage parents to submit their own letters, even when their child’s colleges did not solicit them. But since the NACAC attack, I’ve backed off because I learned that the letters could be met with scorn. But I’m sad about it because I do feel that parent letters can help to inform and to humanize the admissions process.

Essay mature student

essay mature student


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