Essay iran nuclear

An honest declaration by the Trump administration that Iran is not complying with the nuclear deal and that this agreement is not in the national-security interests of the United States will do more than fulfill one of the president’s top campaign promises. It also would be a major step toward Mr. Trump’s assuming control of . foreign policy from pro-Obama careerists and reversing President Obama’s disastrous policies. This must be followed by an aggressive effort by the White House to fill vacant political national-security jobs as soon as possible.

If Tehran’s ayatollah dictators want the JCPOA to continue, then their regime must demonstrably change its behavior. Here are four demands the Trump Administration should make in exchange for continuing the JCPOA and improving its verifiability. Tehran must immediately end its proxy war in Yemen. In a New York minute it must stop destabilizing Bahrain. It must terminate its program to develop intermediate and intercontinental ballistic missiles—and we get to inspect to missile development facilities. Finally, Iranian forces must stop interfering with . Navy operations. Yes, ayatollahs, no more speedboat bluff. Halt your unsafe approach.

Look, nothing says Tehran must respond to a collapse of the Iran deal by building nuclear weapons. The Iranians have already indicated that if the Europeans continue to adhere to the deal, they will let the United States walk away while continuing to respect the agreement, including the IAEA inspections. I desperately hope that EU sanctions relief is enough to sustain the political coalition in Tehran that supports the agreement. Maybe the supreme leader’s fatwa against the bomb is for real. Maybe Mohammad Javad Zarif deeply believes in nuclear disarmament. Maybe cyberattacks will save us. Go ahead, talk yourself into it.

Essay iran nuclear

essay iran nuclear


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