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The healthcare system of the United Kingdom, also known as the National Health Service was established after the Second World War. However, it became functional on July 5 th 1948. The healthcare system today has grown rapidly to become one of the largest healthcare systems across the globe. The UK has a devolved healthcare system and this means that Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland, have their own healthcare systems that are privately and publicly funded. Follow this link  to read the above essay and find other useful information on expository essay writing.

. Crane, in his essay "The Critical Monism of Cleanth Brooks", argues strongly against Brooks' centrality of paradox. For one, Brooks believes that the very structure of poetry is paradox, and ignores the other subtleties of imagination and power that poets bring to their poems. Brooks simply believed that "'imagination' reveals itself in the balance or reconciliation of opposite or discordant qualities". [7] Brooks, in leaning on the crutch of paradox, only discusses the truth which poetry can reveal, and speaks nothing about the pleasure it can give. (231) Also, by defining poetry as uniquely having a structure of paradox, Brooks ignores the power of paradox in everyday conversation and discourse, including scientific discourse, which Brooks claimed was opposed to poetry. Crane claims that, using Brooks' definition of poetry, the most powerful paradoxical poem in modern history is Einstein's formula E = mc 2 , which is a profound paradox in that matter and energy are the same thing. The argument for the centrality of paradox (and irony) becomes a reductio ad absurdum and is therefore void (or at least ineffective) for literary analysis.

Essay exposition examples

essay exposition examples


essay exposition examplesessay exposition examplesessay exposition examplesessay exposition examples