English linguistics research paper

Graduate School of Languages and Linguistics has Master's and Doctoral Programs in Linguistics. Linguistics looks both at the universal human phenomenon of language and at the characteristics of particular languages around the world. The school utilizes the university's global network, and aims to create researchers of the language disability or hearing problems who can take the interdisciplinary approach, not only in linguistics, but in other fields such as psychology.
In addition, the Master's Program in Lingustics(TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)) was established in 2006 to offer an extensive program in teaching English to Japanese students at Master's level.
The TESOL Course makes it possible for students to acquire all 30 credits in English. The course offers opportunities not only to Japanese teachers of English, but to non-Japanese teachers teaching both in and out of Japan to acquire theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

You must either upload the required references to your online application or ask your referees to send the references to the University as we do not contact referees directly. There is two main ways that you can provide references: you can either upload references on headed paper when you are making an application using the Online Application (or through Applicant Self-Service after you have submitted your application) or you can ask your referee to email the reference directly to [email protected] . See the 'Your References, Transcripts and English Qualifications' section of the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

English linguistics research paper

english linguistics research paper


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