Defining moments in life essay

Twenty-somethings are very prone to what's called present bias. So are all humans, which is what procrastination is about, and oil consumption and overspending ... I think thinking about later is very scary for 20-somethings, because they don't have a lot of experience doing that. So, a lot of what I do with clients is not give them advice as much as ask very pointed questions: "What is it that you want?" "Where would you like to be in five or 10 years?" "Do you want to get married?" "Do you want to have kids?" "What do you want your job to be?" ... These are questions that no one asks 20-somethings because they know it scares them. But deep down, 20-somethings want people to ask them these questions because they know they need to figure it out.

After years of clawing his way to the top, Chris Jericho found himself in the mix with the best in the business
At Vengeance 2001 Y2J, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kurt Angle competed to determine who would become the first-ever WWE Undisputed Champion
First Jericho just brought it to The Rock, winning the World Championship from "The Brahma Bull" ... in controversial fashion
Then, without a moment to breathe, he found himself on the wrong side of a mud hole stomping, courtesy of the WWE Champion, Stone Cold
Though odds favored "The Texas Rattlesnake", Jericho shocked the world, pinning Austin 1-2-3 ... in controversial fashion
History was made
Y2J defeated the two biggest stars in WWE
"The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla" held both titles high above his ahead
Chris Jericho - THE Undisputed Champion of the world - broke the walls down. Includes WWE Championship and WCW World Heavyweight Championship Belts!

Defining moments in life essay

defining moments in life essay


defining moments in life essaydefining moments in life essaydefining moments in life essaydefining moments in life essay