Decision making process nursing essay

For example, taking my organizational experience where we had the problem of completing the projects on time. Thus, our manager first recognized the root-cause for delayed project completion. Then the reason was analyzed by getting other employees point of view by arranging for some special meetings to resolve the issue. He also conducted some surveys to find proper measure for the problem. Logical thinking and rationalistic view can give a right solution for the problem solving in the organization which was done by our manager. Then, the proper measures like giving incentives, improved employee facilitation will be given to the employees who finish their job on-time, were been formulated by him. He also had different options like improving the pantry facilities, parking facilities and other dress-code were been suggested to us. Where we were allowed to choose the best option that can be exhibited completely. Then finally, the results were evaluated and they are implemented. This was then carried out successfully in our organization.

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Decision making process nursing essay

decision making process nursing essay


decision making process nursing essaydecision making process nursing essaydecision making process nursing essaydecision making process nursing essay