Creating a successful business plan

To be called an innovation, an idea must be replicable at an economical cost and must satisfy a specific need . Innovation involves deliberate application of information , imagination and initiative in deriving greater or different values from resources, and includes all processes by which new ideas are generated and converted into useful products. In business , innovation often results when ideas are applied by the company in order to further satisfy the needs and expectations of the customers. In a social context , innovation helps create new methods for alliance creation, joint venturing, flexible work hours, and creation of buyers' purchasing power . Innovations are divided into two broad categories:

Many people argue that you should insulate the floor joists below your heated slab on an upper floor. They argue that this ensures the heat will go “up” not down. They also argue that this allows you to maintain better temperature control between floors. I really don’t buy either argument. I believe the heat transfer between a bare concrete floor and the air above it is dramatically better than between that slab and the room below…that path requires conduction through the sub-floor, convection through the air space in the floor joist cavity, conduction across the cieling material, and then convection downward to the room. I’m just not convinced you’ll get very much heat transfer in the downward direction. Of course if the lower space is unheated, you should definitely insulate. But, if you are just trying to thermally separate two heated rooms, I doubt it matters much. (I could be convinced otherwise by evidence…but not by the lame reasoning I’ve heard so far.)

Creating a successful business plan

creating a successful business plan


creating a successful business plancreating a successful business plancreating a successful business plancreating a successful business plan