Chivalry essay

As this kind of boorish behavior seems increasingly common, many people are lamenting the death of chivalry. But chivalry is not dead yet. It's just on life support. And slowly but surely, it is making a comeback. Ordinary people are seeing that chivalry contributes to healthy relationships. A recent study in the academic journal Psychology of Women Quarterly found that chivalry is associated with greater life satisfaction among men and women. An initiative called the Gentlemen’s Showcase , led by college women on campuses across the country for the past few years, rewards young men for helping out others in need. And perhaps most important, a major study of more than 10,000 people from around the world — one of the largest studies of its kind — found that the No. 1 attribute that both young men and women seek in a mate is not money or beauty or intelligence, but kindness, which lies at the heart of the chivalrous act.

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Chivalry essay

chivalry essay


chivalry essaychivalry essaychivalry essaychivalry essay