Child rearing thesis

Differences between children of marijuana-using and nonusing mothers often disappear when demographic characteristics and other confounding factors are controlled for (O'Connell & Fried 1991; Linn et al. 1983; Gibson, Bayhurst, & Collry 1983). For example, Fried (1985) found no significant differences between matched marijuana-using and nonusing samples in terms of miscarriage rates, birth presentations, Apgar scores, and frequency of birth complications or major abnormalities. (See also Day et al. [1991] and Abel [1985] for lack of consequential effects.)

Another thing Geeta… through this comment you’ve embodied the spirit of the blog! My hope is that some day we will have thriving community of like-minded parents here who will support each other through the ups and downs of parenting. We all face different challenges, but we all want the same thing at the bottom of our hearts — the well being of our kids. You’re one of the first few parents here who has given my hope wings by writing a comment solely with the intent of supporting another parent. Thank you so, so much!!!

Child rearing thesis

child rearing thesis


child rearing thesischild rearing thesischild rearing thesischild rearing thesis