Bel 120 sample essay

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The various recording studios have master tapes which are in analog, PCM and DSD. The various studios out there still record in all three! Regarding consumer hi-rez downloads, if they sell DSD for the analog and DSD master tapes and sell PCM for the PCM master tapes; we all win. If they are taking 24 bit PCM master tapes and converting them to DSD just for the sake of making a DSD, it does not make sense at all. It is all in how they use these formats which will determine ultimate sound quality and I believe market success. As of right now, it appears to me that DSD is being “abused” because I know of DSD releases where the original master tape was PCM. The thing to keep in mind is this: If you do wade into DSD waters and DSD downloads go “belly up”, you can always convert them to a 24 bit FLAC or WAV and still have a very nice sounding recording if you use the right software. I have experimented with such conversions on JRIVER and they sound wonderful.

Bel 120 sample essay

bel 120 sample essay


bel 120 sample essaybel 120 sample essaybel 120 sample essaybel 120 sample essay