Beatrice benedick relationship essay

There is a mistake in the summary: at the very beginning, it says Antonio would be the father of Beatrice. Actually, he is most likely only her uncle, just as Leonato. Why else is Leonato the first who concerns of her marriage instead of Antonio? (He tries to convince her () and Don Pedro addresses him with this issue ().) It is because he is her closest male relative (in the printed edition I have this is even written within an annotation) and therefore responsible for her.
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Beatrice responds modestly to her Uncle Leonato’s compliment that she’s an observant girl. Her reply suggests that she’s not uncommonly observant, and can only see what’s in clear view (like a church— often the tallest building in a town—in daylight). Still, this is a misguiding statement. Beatrice seems to be demurring out of modesty, but we know she actually doesn’t see everything. The most obvious example is how she doesn’t recognize her strong (positive) feelings for Benedick. Later, Beatrice also misses the fact that she’s being manipulated into loving Benedick.

Beatrice benedick relationship essay

beatrice benedick relationship essay


beatrice benedick relationship essaybeatrice benedick relationship essaybeatrice benedick relationship essaybeatrice benedick relationship essay