Asbestos research paper

As a result of Cooke's paper, parliament commissioned an inquiry into the effects of asbestos dust by Dr E. R. A. Merewether, Medical Inspector of Factories, and C. W. Price , a factory inspector and pioneer of dust monitoring and control. [2] Their subsequent report, Occurrence of Pulmonary Fibrosis & Other Pulmonary Affections in Asbestos Workers , was presented to parliament on 24 March 1930. [49] It concluded that the development of asbestosis was irrefutably linked to the prolonged inhalation of asbestos dust, and included the first health study of asbestos workers, which found that 66% of those employed for 20 years or more suffered from asbestosis. [2] The report led to the publication of the first Asbestos Industry Regulations in 1931, which came into effect on 1 March 1932. [50] These regulated ventilation and made asbestosis an excusable work-related disease. [12] The term mesothelioma was first used in medical literature in 1931; its association with asbestos was first noted sometime in the 1940s. Similar legislation followed in the . about ten years later.

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Asbestos research paper

asbestos research paper


asbestos research paperasbestos research paperasbestos research paperasbestos research paper