Architecture thesis report sample

Apart from the mosques, cities were also developed into “extremely friendly cities”. They had grape arbors in shaded narrow streets, corners with trees and gardens. Trees were thought to be the balancing element of architecture that provided harmony between nature and buildings. For that reason, Ottoman cities “look as though they are extensions of the piece of land where they were built”. Also the usage of timber in the buildings add to the connection with nature. [18] A Turkish architect and city planner, Turgut Cansever, described the Ottoman cities as the “Ottoman paradises‟ and said that the Islamic characteristics are best represented by the Ottoman cities. “The ones who build the paradise where there exist no conflicts but all the beauties, tried to rise and open the Gates of paradise by accomplishing the task of beautifying the world.” [22] The intimate relationship of architecture with nature attracted the element of trees and water. With its exclusively natural “synthesis structure”, the Ottoman city was green, as many travelers have described it. [25] Also, water was a fundamental element, as was the cypress tree. Antoine Galland wrote, “Turkish gardens were conduits and little channels which took water everywhere and from which water was extracted under pressure.” [26] However, there is no evidence in the first four centuries of Islam that gardens were consciously designed with four quadrants and four water channels in order to represent paradise as the Qur'an described it. [27]

In the early 1990's, with the rising appeal of urban street skating, some of the world's most talented, professional skateboarders decided to make LOVE Park their training grounds. The space quickly became known internationally as one of the finest natural skate parks in the world. Tourists came from all over to see and skate the famous skate spot. There is even a popular skateboard video game featuring LOVE Park. In 2000/2001, LOVE Park's vast fame was the major factor that brought ESPN's X-Games tournament to Philadelphia twice. This is the first time in X-Games history they stayed for two consecutive years in one city. The X-Games brought millions of dollars in tourism and was watched by 150 million households worldwide. Its events and publicity all focused around Philadelphia's skateboard scene, LOVE Park in particular.

Architecture thesis report sample

architecture thesis report sample


architecture thesis report samplearchitecture thesis report samplearchitecture thesis report samplearchitecture thesis report sample