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Kathy LaPan:

  • " Why Christianity is exclusive: the only true religion "
  • " Postmodern Relativism vs. Ultimate Truth "

Unity: Anon: " The need for Jewish unity
  Violence, religiously inspired: Jon Brodkin: " While prayer is peaceful, violence is often in name of God " James Peter Jandu: " Jungle Justice and Lynch Mob Mentality. Causes and cures " Rabbi Allen S. Maller: " God's commandment against religious extremism " Vladimir Tomek: " Passages advocating violence and genocide in religious texts "
  Worldview : See Beliefs

Other topics: Anon: " How to dance in the rain: a message of enduring love " Anon: "Requiem For A Dream: The Decline Of American Values" .: " Role playing games and Christianity " Andrew Graham: "Did Jerusalem fall in 586 or 607 BCE?" Rebuttal essay by Doug Mason: " The Bible and the destruction of Jerusalem"

An earlier version of this article cited cases for whooping cough cases from a non-governmental think tank. Those data do not coincide with figures from the government’s Centers for Disease Control. The CDC reports that 13,278 people contracted whooping cough in 2008, compared with a provisional report of 24,231 people in 2013. Broader and completed CDC data more fully demonstrate the magnitude of the growth of the disease. For example, in 2001, the CDC reported 7,580 cases, about the same as it found each year back to 1996. By 2012, the last year with completed numbers, the CDC reported 48,277 cases. 

Anti essays - bill

anti essays - bill


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